Website design

We develop websites for our customers’ needs on the WordPress platform. When designing and implementing websites, we pay special attention to the following issues:

  • Web pages are easy to read and user friendly.Navigating the pages is easy and the information is clearly displayed.
  • The appearance is clear and professional. Websites are visually attractive and pleasing to the eye.
  • The contents of the website sisältö is of high quality and informative. The texts are clear and understandable and are complemented by illustrative images and videos.
  • Websites work flawlessly on different devices,such as a computer, tablet and smartphone.
  • Websites are designed so that they can be easily found by search engines.
  • The website integrates with social media, which helps to increase the website’s visibility and the number of visitors.

Steps of website renewal

A typical website development project is divided into these phases:

The project is started with a definition workshop, where the following is reviewed:

  • The customer’s needs and wishes
  • Work goals
  • Desired contents
  • Existing graphic guidelines (e.g. colors, typography, illustration)
  • Schedule and budget target

After that, we prepare a sketch of the site’s layout and structure. At this stage, a decision is made about the implementation method, because it has an impact on the schedule and the amount of work and thus the price.

Next, we move on to implementation, when the site gets its final shape, content and structure. The customer is guided to produce the content for the pages and we help if necessary. Together, we finalize the texts and keywords of the pages so that search engines can find them.

We maintain websites by making the necessary information security updates and content changes.